Monday, December 17, 2012

Salem Book Club Selection

Book Club The December Book Club met on the 4th and the next meeting will be on January 8th because of the New Years holiday. For this meeting we are to read any book or look at any movie with the theme of “By Foot or by Hoof: Pilgrimages and Journeys of the Spirit”. The last meeting was very lively with most of the members reading “ Boomerang” by Michael Lewis. In this book he looks at the economic madness of several countries including the United States. Other countries that he visited and wrote about were Iceland , Greece, Germany and Ireland. One of the members had visited Iceland many times and told us about the negative changes she had seen in Iceland over the years. Most members felt the book was excellent in spite of the topic. Mr. Lewis had a way of making this topic both enjoyable and humorous even though at times it was difficult reading. The other book that members could choose to read was “ In the Sea There Were Crocodiles” by Fabia Geda. This is a fictionalized account of a real young boy who was taken to Pakistan and left there by his mother because she felt that if he stayed in Afghanistan he would be either killed or made a slave because of his ethnic background. The author interviewed the boy but didn’t feel that he had enough accurate information for the book to be non-fiction It is a story about his trip through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece before he arrived in Italy at age 15 where he now lives. The book was an eye opening account about what it is like to live in that part of the world and what some of the children do there to survive there. We hope to see you on January 8th at 11AM in the Historical Room at the library. The library is not open at that time so you can come in through the Village Office. December 14,2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Club for November

At our November meeting Beth Davidson photographed us for the Blog!
And had us sign a square for a quilt.

We had all read books by Daphne du Maurier. One person who was familiar
with her novels, reread "Rebecca" and said she thinks it is by far her
best work! Two members read "My Cousin Rachel", which led to a
disussion of evil women , as often portrayed in the author's work.
One person, who said she doesn't care for romantic novels turned to "The
House on the Strand" and really enjoyed it. The plot is about a man
who takes mind altering drugs as an experiment , and is transported to
an earlier time in history.

Also discussed was a book by George DuMaurier (unearthed by a member on
her own shelf) who was discovered to be Daphe's grandfather!!

For December we'll be reading "Boomerang" by Michael Lewis or "In
the Sea there are Crocodiles" by Fabio Geda. One about the
financial crash of 2008 and the other a novel about a woman trying to
save her son from the violence of war.

New Members always welcome!

Margery Robertiello

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


For our 9/18/2012 meeting we were joined by members of the Argyle book
club, who added to a lively discussion of books by author Ray Bradbury.
Bradbury died recently at the age of 91, following a prolific and
successful career writing "science fiction".

A number of members recalled reading his famous novel "Fahrenheit 451"
many years ago, but had read none since, so this was a new adventure,
and reactions were mixed.

In the positive side, several liked "Dandelion Wine"(1957), lyrically
described episodes in a small town over the summer of 1925, pictured
through the eyes of a 12 year old boy, said to be in part, memories of
the authors childhood. Others enjoyed short stories such as "The
Playground" and one in which a pumpernickel is imagined as a weapon.

More negative, some were turned off by the weirdness of his fantastical
settings, such as in "The Fantasy Tree" and others in which the dead
can return for a family reunion.

We all commented on his ability to reflect on the human condition, both
past and future, through fiction...In The Martian Chronicles, Earth
people populate Mars, appearing to repeat the troubles left behind on earth, 
 but ending on a note of hope.

Our next meeting will be 10/2. We'll be discussing books by
contemporary author
Ursula Hegi--your choice. Newcomers always welcome!

Margery Robertiello

Friday, September 7, 2012

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